Bit of therapy

I am having one of my 'feels like something is missing' days or maybe weeks.

I am no less on top of my housework than usual. I coloured my hair today so I don't look quite so much like an aging badger as yesterday (flashy new hair dye on special for £5 at ASDA). My kids and husband are lovely, although my eldest sons Sims infatuation is driving me a bit potty. I ought to be bouncing around like Tigger.

I think I am worrying about a few things which are out of my control. That's not a good thing for a closet control freak to have to admit too. My eldest son hasn't found another job since his contract ended. My youngest son is having a nerve wracking wait to see if he has a been accepted into the merchant navy with BP. I want to rent the house in Crete out but I am trying to do it from here, which is not a great success plus, the Greek economy is teetering on the edge and new taxes are likely to be arriving thick and fast. One of my managers at work is signed off as ill and has been for so many weeks. I am having trouble coping with all of her work as well as my own.

Actually now that I write it down it isn't actually so bad at all. I should have done this before.


  1. Writing it down is always a good step. Now burn it! haha. Just kidding. Hope some of those problems get resolved soon.

  2. oops, set fire to my laptop!

    indeed, writing is the way to go


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