Woo hoo, weekend

Tonight is Fahed's poker and Ahdel is at a friends house, just a couple of doors away. That leaves me and my baby at home for our special takeaway night. We ordered two curries but we have enough left foe tomorrow lunch, probably for all of us. Our food came from the Jalalabad takeaway so I am assuming that they we might be eating Afghan curry. I keep meaning to ask the guy but we only go there 3 times a year so I always forget.

I have stacked the dishwasher and set it going, we need to go again until Sunday night.
The laundry is all washed and just bit still to dry. I feel like I got a real head start on the stuff that wants doing over the weekend.
Last night I went to bed at 9.30 and this morning I slept right through switching the alarm off so I am feeling pretty good and not the usual washed out mess that I can be on a Friday.

I am making a list for tomorrow because I dont get half as much accomplished without a plan.

Dry the washing
Mow the last bit of the lawn
Prune rose bushes
Scrub bathroom
Put all of the laundry away
Return the sewing machine to mums house
Cooker dinners (of course) and make an apple crumble (requested by the kids)using apples form my own tree. Big yaay.


  1. ooh i do love a good list! happy weekend! am up in suffolk for a family gathering. x

  2. Mmm...apple crumble. Sounds delicious.

  3. At my age I just cant manage without! Have a good time Moyra

    Lets hope so. I am never sure how good my cooking is but the kids always love it so thats okay.



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