Sunday, 30 October 2011

25 hours in a day but will I finally get my stair carpet fitted?

Extra hour in bed this morning. Well the clocks changed and so it was 7.30 when i came down for my coffee and leftover croissants. Lovely to have extra time, normally I never have enough.

Our plans for today were to spend some time in the garden but mother nature had other ideas. My laze bag husband managed to do some kind of rain dance (but i have tomorrow off too so will spring it on him then if its sunny, ha ha)to chase away the lovely sunshine and now it is raining the kind of misty rain that gets you from all angles. And so we bail out and stay indoors. Which means no avoiding the stair painting. So now I find I don't like the colour of the paint. I have decided it must surely look better when dry and plunged in with the wood work of the sides of the stairs themselves.

This is how it should look.

I have left the hall and landing just in case it looks no better when dry. Hopefully another coat before bedtime and then we can see for sure in the morning. Maybe I should just be 'normal' with beige walls and white paint but apparently I cant. Weird stuff just calls to me so much more. As the house is so old I think dark paintwork is also slightly more forgiving for the irregularities and dubious decorating and other skills that have kept it together for the last 104 years.

I have made Malaysian Chicken curry, had a go at cleaning the glass of the oven (shame, deep deep shame), giving the breadmaker its last chance to turn out something which can be eaten instead of used to build houses. If it fails this time then i will freecycle to someone with more natural breadmaking ability than myself.

On the de-cluttering front I gave a box of stationery and 4 PSOne consuls to the Sally Ann's today. Little by little..............


  1. I could build houses with my bread too lol! How did it go? Was it edible?

  2. You got much more accomplished than I did. Good job. I too want to know how the bread turned out.

  3. It was brilliant, lasted around 15 minutes and the vultures had eaten it all. They have requested another loaf today. Amazing, i should have threatened to bread machine before!


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