I'm ready

My kids are too old for trick or treat now but i still remember the excitement as they dressed up (all home costumes around here, none of you buy or rent ready to go)ready to go around the close and frighten the neighbours. They always came home with more sweets than they had all year, a couple of pieces of fruit and even £1 coins.

Now my youngest son contents himself with answering the door wearing his scream mask. Actually one mum said her little one was so frightened last year that she didnt sleep for days so I guess I should keep him away from the door tonight. My eldest just in came in from work and is looking for machete and some black fabric. I think he must be planning something. How have I brought these kids up???

My brother in law answers the door in a black cape and vampire teeth but even changes the light bulks to flickering ones in their porch.

My fun size mars bars are ready. Bring it on little scary kids.


  1. How many kids did you get at the door? No one comes out to my house now. With my rattlesnakes hiding out here it really is a scary place!

  2. Not too many but luckily more kids than rattlesnakes. You live in perpetual halloween to me.


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