Monday, 17 October 2011

MFM Day 2

No spend.

Breakfast was ready brek (instant porridge). The packet is kept in my top drawer at work.
Despite having a meeting right through lunch, free lunch was something of a fail initially. A cake was provided, it looked nice but the centre was yucky fake cream in the style of cheap doughnuts. Not nice. However the exec had a meeting which was catered and I managed to snaffle a couple of freebie wholemeal chicken sandwiches. Not great but free!

I passed an invoice for payment at work which is for some training which I rally want to do and would aim to do even if work hadn't picked up the tab. So this could maybe count as saving £1200! Okay maybe I wouldn't have been able to afford it but its going to be amazing and I am not paying.

Tomorrow I am in Windsor. I have bagged a free parking space. Also a free cake from a morning meeting. For the rest I have to be more organised and take some lunch with me. Evening meal is meatballs in chilli and garlic sauce which is already prepared and will just need re-heating.

Not sure but i think my obsession with money, and the non spending thereof, is actually just an obsession with food or at least with feeding people.

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  1. You've made a great start Lizzie.

    Do you mind me asking about your mortgage figures:

    what is your present balance?

    what are you planning to pay off this month/year?


    Sft x

    I have some great bar graphs on my blog-I am currently 90% towards paying off my mortgage.


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