MFM day etc

No spend except for a bargain lunch a friend. Ready Brek from the drawer. Lunch of leftovers from home and dinner, home made of course, at home.

Free parking again and for rest of the week.

Jamal made a curry but thought that a jar of curry paste was a jar of curry sauce. It is seriously salty but we persevered and didnt waste it. We have a huge vat of burghal to go with tomorrow food. Plus I have got Fahed to think about the possibilities of Bulgar Wheat Risotto. He actually got to the stage of looking at pictures I showed him from the net. He is seriously conservative so this is stunning progress from him.

I froze two boxed of meatball in chilli sauce with rice. Two lunches for next week.

Pretty sure I did other things but my mind has gone a blank!!

As part of my de-cluttering strategy I offered 4 PSone consuls on freecycle. One response from a mum who wanted one for her 10 year old. I explained that it was an old PSone and wouldn't played PS2 games. She was still interested as he has never had a games consul. Oops, now I feel I must find controllers and games for him too. I will get Jamal to box him up a set of everything.

I have warned the others in th house that this weekend the de-cluttering is getting serious. I have a hazmat suit and black bags and am going into bedrooms. They have been warned!!


  1. Well done with the meal planning and good luck with the decluttering.

    Sft x


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