Turning of tide

Mixed news with the kids jobs. Ahdel got his but Jamal didn't. Jamal is trying to get into the merchant navy so he needs to find something to keep him going until the next batch of recruitment which I think is next summer.

I am hugely looking forward to some training with the super interesting and now super organised Moyra. It will be brilliant. I cant wait and cant wait to meet her too. Her life always sounds a lot more interesting than mine!!Perhaps some of it will rub off on me.

England on the South coast this week is in the high 20's for temperature. Hotter than Crete. So not what I was expecting. I am on a mission to properly clean and de-spiderfy the house, so actually cooler weather might have been better but this is the UK and we cant afford to turn sunshine away.. Hope Moyras training includes getting on top of life too and maybe I wont be so slobby going forwards.

Fahed has decided that we need to take our debts in hand. I owe some money for my eye laser treatment and for a personal loan which actually went to my sister in law (dont ask, makes me cross) but little else except a huge mortgage. He wants to use the money form Syria to clear all that before we start on the next project. Seems like a good idea to me and I am happy about it. It truly makes more sense than starting another project with these bits hanging over us.

Okay, back up to vaccumming under my bed. I am being enthusiastic this week as Jamal said his friend woke up with a tarantula on her bed this week. Could that be true? Not sure.


  1. ooh get me! am sure that you are more organised than you think!! definately looking forward to meeting you too. x

  2. Do you have tarantulas in the UK too or are they just pets?


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