I'm honestly not wishing my life away

but we are making loose plans for my 50th Birthday which is next June. This is mainly to be frugal as early flights are a ton cheaper.

First plans, big three week trek around the USA. We still really want to do this but because of uncertainty with the Greek economy I don't know how much we have to pay up in various taxes. We are going to put this on hold for a year or two, which also gives me more time to enjoying the planning stage.

Next plan was to spend a three week holiday with the various in laws in the Middle East. Trips to Palmyra, Petra and the like were exactly our thing. Then it all kicked off in Syria and Fahed decided no, he would never knowingly take his own boys into a war zone. He, having been brought up for some years in Lebanon and well aware of the dangers, is more nervous than I am but he is right. Another postponement.

Other ideas were log cabin in Canada, definitely on the list for future but too expensive for now. Venice, fantastic idea but not for June. Apparently October is the best month as it doesn't smell so good in summer. Morocco, affordable and not too long a flight but everything in Arabic so wont Fahed get homesick for us not visiting Syria.

So, new rules.
* We cant have such a long break as one of the swimschool that Fahed works for have said no holiday outside of school holidays.
* It has to be affordable because we don't know what other expenses are waiting for us for the Crete house.
* It has to be interesting and not somewhere we have been before.
* Not too long a flight as we have a time limit overall.
* Interesting cultural and architectural interest for Ahdel & Bonnie
* Good food and interesting night life (street bars of locals not night clubs) for Jamal.

My latest idea is five days in Istanbul followed by three days travelling around Switzerland. Its a odd combination but it is based on finding cheap flight with Easyjet to Istanbul. Easyjet also fly from Istanbul to Basel in Switzerland so we could do that and then buy a three day train ticket to roam around there. None of us have visited Turkey before and only I have visited Switzerland. As usual I will through the invite open to all friends and family. You can tell from the nine house guests in Crete last summer that I am happy in company.

I think I might have found the right balance of cost v interest