Saturday, 15 October 2011

Well things did get better

Its Saturday but all laundry is done and away. Yaay.
I made a lovely vegetable soup.
Best of all, I told Fahed what I had done with the mortgage payments. He was delighted. I am flavour of the week!

We agreed a plan. he is saving all the money from his main job plus anything else he can sneak from his part of the budget. This pays off all debts (laser eye surgery, sister in law loan etc) and then the money goes to developing the Crete houses as a business. I am saving what I can from the rest of the budget plus any other income I can get my sweaty little hands on. This all goes against the mortgage. I am getting a (maybe virtual) mortgage pig, that is a money box to collect all cash and pay down the mortgage with it.

I am officially on a mission!!


  1. Go Lizzie!! I'm on a mortgage mission too...a proper mortage mission this time, one that eliminates the bloomin' thing!

    Wishing us both luck x

  2. Hi Laura
    I really need to keep focus. My problem is that i forget and wander from the path. Must be more disciplined and also need to work on my side income skills. I don't seem to have any of those at all!


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