So I thought I would start the day with a big fat fail!

Full of energy and on top of the world? Not exactly, how about didnt sleep at and now have a cracking headache. I didnt even have a glass of wine. Grrrrhh. I think I am living too cleanly. Fahed's cold is actually a chest infection. He sounds like he is dying every time he lies down, hence no sleep for either of us.

Being a swimming teacher this happens to him a lot. Bonnie is also a swimming teacher and constantly ill. Jamal qualified to teach just before holidays this year. He is looking for lessons next week (he doesn't claim benefit as that would be immoral, but apparently its perfectly fine to sponge off me). Ahdel is doing his teaching course week commencing 24th October. The whole family will be a writhing mass of chest/ear/throat infections through the winter, I just know it. On the bright side we could surely be the basis for some sort of sitcom?

Ahdel wants to re-start the swim school. We were doing okay pre-recession and had about 150 kids but we were in a poorish area and folks just couldn't keep paying out, even though we tried to keep costs to a minimum, when times got tough. I guess if he can get it going when times are hard we should be well away when the economy recovers. I would quite like that but add in training for other things, specialist sports but also personal development. I am sure I could make diversity training more interesting than it is when we have these courses at work. Am I rambling????

Yep, sure am but its Saturday morning and I have the time, so why not. I really feel like doing some kind of lifelong learning and personal development. Wouldn't helping people make the best of themselves and their lives be so fulfilling? I could run oversea, get away from it all workshops.

I cant decide if I am having brilliant ideas or still feverish and in need a of a lemsip!