What do you like?

I like:

family - the closeness and understanding, the knowledge the there is always someone there for you, the entertainment value of shared humour and mind set, the shared history, the completeness.

travel - new experiences, new people, new, new, new, learning, learning, learning.

books - preferably factual with maybe the occasional novel, leaning, learning, learning. I am sensing a theme. Information, the more the better, the internet. All an extension of books.

cooking - more about feeding than cooking because I only really like to feed others

friends - like family but without quite so much shared history. plus you get to choose the ones you want.

writing - the next stage on surely from reading. Writing about travel would be amazing.

houses - i love them and find them fascinating. its not the desire to own things as I am not materialistic in any way. I believe it is an extension of feeding people, a nurturing thing.


  1. I like houses and cooking too. I blame it on a need to nest. Even as a kid I built forts and attempted to build tree houses (attempted because I was never successfull). I don't know, I guess we just like to fulfill those basic needs of food and shelter.

  2. I think that is what it is. I dont buy 'stuff' like fancy shoes or makeup. I think I might have the same 'looking after' gene that makes you rescue and take care of the dogs too as I always have house full of kids. I should channel that to us it more usefully!


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