Just had a text from my son to say he passed his swimming teacher training with top marks. I sort of thought he would because my other son did and, though they pretend otherwise, there is a little bit of competitiveness going on there. I am glad. It was expensive but anyway its good that he can find work if he needs it. Since he booked for it he has found a job which is keeping him going as he studies but no he has something in reserve.

I have a long weekend ahead of me and Fahed is only working for a couple of hours each day so it will feel like little holiday,

A had to leave work early today as we spread two cards between three people travel needs, all in different directions and none of them near a bus route. That gave me a good excuse to get a head start on sweeping, laundry and well, stuff. I had this brilliant idea to go shopping too and them remembered I was only early to hand back Fahed's car. Doh. Shopping must wait until the morning.

Then its fun time! Hair Cut. My hair is long and too dark for my age plus somewhat dry since a bad experience where I forgot my hair dye was on it a few months back. By this time tomorrow it should be a lot shorter and a lot lighter. I want to paint the stairs and fit the carpet (heard that one before, i have been saying it for about twelve months).I need to buy blackboard paint for an wall in the kitchen which I am avoiding re-plastering and just paneling and painting as a huge blackboard. I also need a new and better cover for the water tank.

I am hoping Sunday is garden day including a nice bonfire/bbq. Monday is lunch treat from Fahed. We don't normally lunch out so that will be fun but I can guarantee we will be using a voucher or my new voucher cloud app.

Not sure if it sounds good to everyone but to me it all sounds great.