Another new me

I started the painting job for the hall, stairs and landing. I just needed to make the first move and now I am on it. I have no idea why it has taken me so long. Some times I can just plunge in and start things and get them done in no time but some times I avoid and I don't even know I am doing it. Or rather not doing it. I hope it is one of these things that I can recongnise when I do it and then change my (in)action.

I like each new me to be better than the previous one so I am not impressed that I went from jumping in and doing things to making excuses not to do them, even to my self. I am glad if I have turned that corner again. When I look back at some of the things I have done in the past I tihnk I am sometimes quite brave. My first job as a manager of a large department. What was I thinking??? Flying off to New Zealand to visit my sister, all on my own whilst still a teenager. I'll just lave my job and jet over the Greece for a while. No money? No worries, it will be fine (it was). Buy a house in Greece, must be mad, but now I have it and love it. By house/flat/land in Syria, must be madder. I am having to agree on this one hence selling up. I must start being a woman of action agin.

Last week I was really mad at myself because I parked my husbands car and then paid to park my own, and earned myself a £50 parking fine. Today I had an email from the council asking for a copy of the statement form the parking company. They would then consider my appeal. I printed off my statement and emailed it to them within around 30 seconds. Fingers crossed that my fast actions have made up for my stupidity. I managed to be a woman of action here, even if it was only a little action. Hopefully it pays off.