Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

I am off to London for a course at the end of the month. I am going with a mate of mine who is equally clued up with regards to his money. So we do have a bit of challenge between us to see who can come up with the most enjoyable day at the least amount of personal expense.

So a course in London that finished at 1pm. After that we are entitled to lunch on expenses as we are out on company business. As the train leaves at 6.30am that morning, I think we can safely say we dont truly need to come back to work. So we need something fun but affordable to do for the afternoon. No point in wasting the cost of the trip.
We have chosen Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. Doesnt it look great. Loads to do and very pleasantly Christmassy. But loads to do includes loads to do for next to nothing.

Sometimes you can find a proper treat, a real feel good treat,without breaking your own rules. Not often, but if it was often then it wouldn't seem so special.