We are what we eat

It is quite an expensive job keeping three fairly active men fully re-fuelled. We have all home- made food, except the odd frozen pizza (Lidl stone baked, delicious)so we are part way there on health and frugality but we have to go further.
This week Fahed was called in to the doctors to say they need to monitor his liver, according to his bloods there seems to be a problem. He doesn’t drink alcohol except something like an annual glass of wine. Also his stomach is sore and tender. He has to take medication for his heart already (a huge range, probably due to heart attack in his thirties), also his happy tablets and some nerve related stuff for his sciatica and pain killers for the same. I am pretty sure that some of these cause additional problems. So I have a plan. I won't stop the tablets obviously but I want to work on making his diet as healthy as possible and increase his exercise specifically to work on his sciatica. He built up the muscles in his lower back when something similar happened in his 20’s and didn’t opt for the medical way out.
The plan is that the exercise will work towards banishing the sciatic and so the associated painkillers and neuro- whatever-they-are drugs. The healthier all round diet will help with weight loss so will also back-pain and sciatica. The healthier diet should also help with stomach tenderness.
When I say he needs to eat more healthily and exercise more, then I am wrong. He already eats quite healthily (he does but apparently not enough) and exercises enough (yeah right, sure you do) but now the doctor has indentified a problem it is suddenly real and maybe I am right after all. So I will hit him with large stick until I feel better and then plan our new and healthier life.
1st step. I have re-started our weekly veg box delivery. This is good because you get a range of veg not just your usual ones and favourite ones. Should force us to be more creative again. I think I have got a little lazy in preparing the same dishes every ten days or so. Some things will need very little improvement, sneak a few more veggies into the stew, mash some other root veg into the top of cottage pie. Close my ears to pleas for white bread. Chuck out the deep fat fryer (which I can never get clean anyway) and buy no more cooking oil. The larder has a ton of dried beans, pulses, lentils which I regularly forget to soak, so more pre-planning and less last minute panics. At least we don't resort to takeaways unless it’s a real treat. Plus we rarely drink. Do I get any brownie points for that??