Lizzie's Lynx - Sunday reading

Afford anything sums up my favourite personal finance tip: Cut ruthlessly on the things you don’t care about. Spend lavishly on the things you love. Ignore conventional wisdom.

Afford anything again with a sensible view on working free lance. When you view the world as a place of abundance, you start to SEE that abundance everywhere

Jacquie at Bunny Mummy is being creative and starting us on the road to Christmas a nice easy home made mincemeat.

A salutary take from Judy at we may be poor but we are happy. I will be avoiding the credit cards as usual this Christmas

Moyra at Get Stuff Done – Creating My Life looks at her plans from one year ago and finds herself a little closer and happily seeking out new creative ideas.

Have a lovely Sunday


  1. :) am in total agreement on cutting heavily on what doesn't matter! and we are just about to embark on creating our annual xmas hampers as gifts! making them is much more fun, frugal and appreciated.


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