Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

Last weeks menu plan was;

Monday & Tuesday Beef stew with dumplings – Had this Tuesday and Wednesday instead
Wednesday - Lentil Soup (Mahklouta) and home made bread – Had this Saturday and there was enough o freeze for lunches.
Thursday- Sandwiches and salad. Moved to Monday
Friday- Grilled chicken wings and cheese and onion jacket potatoes. Abandoned. We had cheese on toast instead as no-one was hungry.
Saturday - Home made pizza. Yes,these were very popular. We put on too much topping, the dough was too thick and the cheese was too strong but they were still lovely so how good will they be when we really get the hang of it.
Sunday - Chicken Soup & Burghal. Changed. We decided to have a winter barbecue with lamb, sausages and potato salad. Also lit the pile of waste wood and garden stuff so had a lovely time out in the garden in the dark.

This week

Monday - Leftovers from Sunday night barbecue.
Tuesday - Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup with Garlic Dough Balls.
Wednesday - Family meal at the local Carvery (must remember to look for a voucher)
Thursday - On toast night, maybe beans, maybe mushrooms, maybe cheese.
Friday – Party with food. No cooking required.
Saturday - Maklouta(Lentil Soup)
Sunday - Wait and see how we feel day but I suspect sandwiches

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