Menu Plan Monday

I have been menu planning more and more lately but now I am publishing the plan to make sure I stay committed and play by the rules (i.e. my rules!)

Monday - Beef stew with dumplings (includes plenty of carrots, parsnips etc for extra yummyness and extra healthiness)
Tuesday - Leftovers (it always lasts two days although day two is usually meatless)
Wednesday - Lentil Soup (Mahklouta) and home made bread- Lentils, veg, rice and a very small amount of minced beef all spiced up with cumin.
Thursday-Sandwiches and salad. This is the most difficult night to feed everyone as no-one is at time together. Its our sandwich/toasty night for convenience.
FridayGrilled chicken wings and cheese and onion jacket potatoes
SaturdayHome made pizza - used to be a regular but got forgotten. Back in this week.
SundayChicken SOup & Burghal - really a chicken, tomato and potato stew. served with course bulgar whear.

Hop over to I'm an organizing junkie for hundreds more ideas.


  1. Your menu sounds really good! Menu planning is the best :)

  2. I'm back on menu planning this week too!

  3. Lizzie,

    I find that publishing my menu plans makes me more likely to follow through and be sure that I create them regularly. Good luck.

  4. Hi Jolly Gren Mommy
    Thats what i am hoping. The days can move around but they dont go away comeptlely.

  5. Hi Elizabeth
    Thank you, the stew defintiely was!


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