Lizzie's Lynx

I am painfully haphazard in linking to good blog posts I have come across, sometimes I drown in then and other times nothing so I am attempting to create a little corner of my blog where I make time to remember to share the goodies

Julie at Beside Still Waters talks about caring for ourselves on a budget
Laura at Move to Portugal remind us very stylishly to treasure our treasures

Judy at We may be poor but we are happy reminds us that a period of enforced inactivity can actually be quite productive.

Daizy at Frugal Freedom has the kind of weather (and snakes!) that makes me glad to live in dull little Allbrook

How did I do for my first attempt? See, she can be taught!


  1. Thanks, for mentioning my new blog. You did great!

  2. I like the picture of the Lynx. Very cute play on words.


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