Well I have been done!

Its too early to say whether my People Who Do session has really cleared my mind of a build up of years of data but after working through some piles of junk yesterday and dragging a ton of additional junk out of my head I slept unbelievably well.

I have booked sessions into my diary for my weekly review. Once I get into all the right habits I will probably move my system onto a computer. I do love notebooks for making notes but I like the way with computers that things can be move about and re-ordered. A small book probably suits people with large projects that take up a lot of their time and whilst I do have some large projects, at home as well as work, I also have write a lot of (what always feels like) tedious minutiae which would fill a book in a couple of weeks. Thank you Moyra and great to see you 'in reality'.

Everyone else at the course seem to have far more exciting careers than ours, art, radio, consultancy, music. It did prompt us to have a bit of a discussion about doing other things but today we were back at work today and rushed off our feet, and thoroughly enjoying every minute of it so I guess I am meant for the corporate world. Plus there is the whole getting paid quite a bit thing which I really like! We both really like to travel and for that you need money so we are happily keeping noses to grindstones, just in a far more organised fashion.

Anyway all thoroughly recommended and Brighton is as appealingly quirky as I remembered too. The window of our lunch time cafe has fluffy seagulls hanging up and a knitted Brighton Pavilion. Sometimes I just love that the British are crackers. My friend David and I loved it so much we are looking out for other courses in the area just for a chance to hang around the town a bit more!