Frugal Christmas

Well its November, so cant be avoided for much longer. I have been making a start already

1) Cards - only for people who we wont see and who do not 'do' email.
2) Decorations - plenty of them in the attic so no further expenditure required.
3) Presents - I have bought the presents for everyone except Fahed and kids. I used groupon vouchers to get a cool Body Shop basket for each couple. I was bang on the allowed budget (£10 per person so £20 per couple) but they got 335 baskets because of the vouchers.
4) Kids and husband present - I am using amazon, play, ebay and the book people. Present will be good but affordable.
5) Food- We have Christmas Eve at our house, Christmas day is at Mum & Dads and Boxing Day at my sisters. This spreads the cost out nicely among us all as we do contribute various dishes day by day. We also economics by not buying three of everything so the cheeseboard has contribution from all but we don't get stuck with a load of manky cheese in January.
6)Christmas parties - This year everyone is rising to the challenge. All the usual places are still having a party or dinner out but they have been seeking out the deals.

what have I forgotten?


  1. You are so ahead of the game! i haven't even begun to think about presents.


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