Changing some practicalities to suit who I am

Now I am suddenly feeling a little more comfortable about how my head works I feel that I can relax a little with the things I frequently fail at but always thought I should be able to do.

First thing to go is meal planning. I can cook. If the fridge/freezer/larder has food in it then I can make it into a meal. I feel I should be able to meal plan because I read Meal Plan Monday posts. I am still going to read them as I like the inspiration, but now I not going to feel I have to do my own.

Shopping lists. My friend at work, who was an absolute opposite of me in our tests thought she would try shopping without a list. She said she felt she was too much like her mum. This didnt work for her at all. She said that she felt terrified the whole time and came back without anything useful. I am still going to use lists but on my terms (which frankly is how I do most things but it does sound cocky). I will use it for things I actually need to remember like the fact that we are out of toilet roll or that we need pears as we are aiming to make pears in red wine. But I will continue to leave behind the things I don't like, like maybe the cauliflowers are too small. I will also continue to pick up the things I like the look of because of price or quality. My list will work for me not be my boss.

Wanders off humming 'I am who I, la, lalala, la ,la la.


  1. I'm almost out of toilet paper too! I had to put it on my list though otherwise I would be distracted by candy and come home without.

  2. I can live without most things but think that might be my limit!

  3. think i might have to try this myers briggs mallarky...

  4. Yep, you have to, Its amazing. I think doing it in workshop format rather than simply as a test was also useful though.


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