Christmas and some moderation

Some simplification and moderation of Christmas has been planned this year and some thrust upon us and some we have chosen

My kitchen is part way through a severe re-fit. Ni exotic meals are coming out of there for a while. Christmas Eve evening is my responsibility. We will have cold meat and vegetable snacks followed by Eton Mess.

Christmas day will be at my mums house. I will help with prep but she is in charge.

Food shopping - Meat box is being delivered later this week as is veg box. Anything else will be from ASDA on Thursday evening.

Presents between Fahed & I. Never done this before but we have decided not to buy anything. We have stuff for the kids but that is all. Just little things to open. We are half planning to buy a WiiFit in the sales but only half planning. I feel a great relief about this.

Just a bit of wrapping to go and we are there.