Chilly days

The weather has been very kind so far. I have had the heating on just once, 2nd December, and that was just to test that the system was all okay. I have insulated everything I can think off though and inside is staying reasonable. This week the car has been frosted every day though so we are heading into the cold.

Everyone has been looking for gloves all week. Fahed gets an ache in winter when his hands are cold from where he broke two knuckles in his twenties. Ahdel has then because his eczema doesn't like the cold or lifting things. Only Jamal and I just need them because we are cold. I found 8 odd gloves in the basket so thats a big fat fail for organisation skills. I had some mittens in my desk drawer though that make me feel about four year old. Very cute.

I have out gloves on everyones Christmas list so they only need be cold a little longer. I put chenille wool on my list. I am going to try to knit some fingerless mittens (everyone says they are easy, I am not convinced) and a matching scarf (even I admit this is pretty easy).

Maybe I should think about knitting a vest.


  1. I'm a knitter and have been since I was 10 - I won't tell you how many years that is but suffice it to say a LONNNNG time. Have made intricate sweaters, scarfs and other items but never made gloves. Will be interested to hear how you liked making yours.

  2. Hi Julie
    I was going to copy what looks like an easy pattern for fingerless mittens. Actual gloves are right out of my league!


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