end of the weekend

Not yet 10pm but I think its bathtime and then bedtime for baby bears (and me).

Actually my third favourite kind of weekend. Favourite is when we go somewhere special,usually with the family. If we did it too often it wouldn't be my favourite but if it is once or twice a year then they are great. We have a weekend in St Malo coming up soon. Second favourite is the half term or end of term weekends when Fahed has no weekend work. Then we have a great time. third favourite is gentle and full of laughs, busy and productive but not unpleasantly so. Yesterday I did some housework, laundry, shopping and cooking. Today some painting, a little more cooking and watch QIXL and a couple of old episodes of Bones. This evening there is the usual collection of teens and twenties around the house and one of them has kindly been fixing an old desktop computer which we had around the place. Now he is working on my old HP Pavillion. Might not be fixable but if it is then all good, it can go to the Crete house. The other ones is sleeping iver and kindly giving Ahdel a lift to work at 6.30am, so I can sleep in for an extra 30 minutes. Delightful.