Started the day by being sick and am ending it by just feeling sick. Not fun. No idea what it is but it is passing and I will be fine tomorrow, I am sure.

I managed to do my shopping and laundry but little else. The gas man who was booked for tomorrow claims not to know he was booked and has been replaced. There is a limit to how many days i can manage without a kitchen. Our days of living on takeaways are long gone. I foolishly bought a nice piece of beef to roast tomorrow. I have a determination not to be beaten by a lack of kitchen.

This time next week we will be in St Malo. I am lucky to be feeling rough now instead of then.


  1. Sorry to hear you were sick. Where is St. Malo and what do you do there?

  2. Its a lovely walled town in France. Just some walking, shopping and eating. So everything that France is perfect for! Come laong, you would love it. The french love dogs too. The only place I have ever seen where people take their dogs into restaurants!


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