Whoop, whoop weekend

Just the thought of two days at home makes me whoop. I don't have any plans except for not going to work.

Laundry - wash, dry and put away
Kitchen - two cupboard have been removed to allow the moving of the cooker on Sunday, I want to clean everywhere and load as much as is sensible into the larder and out of the way.
Planning - We are going to draw up plans for the kitchen refurb. Needs to be quirky and have some character but also practical, easy to use and easy to clean. Dead easy, ha, ha.
Paint the ceiling in the hall stairs and landing.
A little bit of touch up painting in the sitting room.
Clean out the bird cage (i don normally write that but he does get a hoover out)
Tidy everything away in sitting and bedrooms.
Make some leek and potato soup.

Whoops, weekends. Love them.