I love days off

I cant decide if I would actually benefit from not working. I suspect not. I think I love days off because they are limited. I love my work too. Would I feel the same way if I wasn't doing something 'useful'? Who knows, I am just lucky that my job is enjoyable, generally but definitely not always, and that it feels useful to society.

Anyway, back to my day off. Jamal & I planned to work very hard today, honest. So I got up nice and early, because obviously I wake up full of energy if its a day at home. Jamal didn't wake up. Really unusual, he is normally up before me. So I was forced to watch TV obviously. Felling very slothful and decadent watching morning TV. Then Jamal woke up and came down and offered bacon sarnies.I resisted but whilst he was eating we started watching Hook. We have watched it every Christmas since the boys were little so that made everything proper Christmassy too. We finally kicked our own backsides into action by lunchtime pretty sure that quality time with my kids is probably better than decorating anyway. I got the second, and third where needed,coat onto all of the walls. Looking good. Jamal did the wooden panels above the doors and the archway between rooms upstairs and got halfway down the stairs. Then we stopped for a break and he decided to try some new programming software that his brother is getting him into. After that he was very half-hearted with the painting and kept sneaking back to the software. I was quite impressed with what he managed to do at a first attempt. Ahdel is hoping he will get into it and they can build computer games together. He is going to finish his bit of the painting tomorrow!
After that only the ceiling needs any attention. It looks fantastic. Once the carpet is down I will share.

Ahdel came home from work mid afternoon & decided he was going to make a stew and olive bread. Astonishing for someone who can only make poached egg normally and it was really nice too.

Back to work tomorrow but only two days until the weekend. I tihnk I am having one of my 'I love my kids so much I could burst' days!!


  1. Days off are awesome, but they become 'blah' if you have them constantly. It sounds like you had a great day off. :-)

  2. I want a day off! I don't think I am ever going to get any shopping done unless I take a day off especially with Christmas being on Sunday this year. I have to work right up to Christmas Eve.

  3. Hi Jen
    Thats it exactly. I apprecaite it as its not very often.

    Your holiday allowance is awful. I was reading about how US citizens have a lowish life epxectancy despite the richest economy & top of the range medicaal treatments. Its apparently down to work life balance. Have a day off!! Tell them you need it for your helath!.


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