Looking back to the plans for 2011

This was our overall plan for 2011 & we kept to the spirit of the quest.
2011 is to be about making progress with the Crete house, about being healthier and happier & maybe even more economically viable people, about finding life to be interesting but most of all its to be about not sweating the small stuff. It’s about remembering to live not just plan.

Formal budget and have minimised costs. All set up jar system for shopping, fuel, etc. All leftovers to go into the emergency fund. All additional income to holiday fund. Pocket money for each of us. The budget deals only with my salary. Fahed’s money is for investment in the properties which we call Fahed’s pension.
Yes, formal budgets are now automatically fixed into our heads. Any spare did go into the holiday fund but the holiday fund is also the finish the Crete House fund, so it did all get spent.

Weekly plan for cleaning but it gets easier anyway as there is less stuff. Meal planning . Continue shopping as now. Healthy eating for all.
I did adopt a weekly shopping habit and avoided the trips to Waitrose on the way home, which saved me some serious wastes of money. Meal planning remained sporadic and doesn’t really suit me at all.

My favourite pastime is travel . All money from Amazon, Quidco, Ebay etc to go to the travel fund. Fortunately I also get a lot of pleasure from other areas of life, cooking, crafts, reading and hopefully Salsa dancing. Even my spread sheets and meal planning are fun.
Yes, everything went in the travel fund and then got spent! Life is still fun.

Improve fitness, reduce back pain. Be fit enough for short hike by end of year. Eat more healthily, regular weekly exercise (gym, swim, exercise bike, walking, Salsa dancing). Cost: Salsa lessons £7 per week each. Gym & swimming are free as Fahed teaches at the local leisure centre.
I lost two stone but have a ton (or so it feels) still to lose. Salsa dancing class went bust so we don’t go there!

I think we can say a safe 7/10.