Although we are not hugely materialistic I do enjoy opening my presents. I especially love it if I have managed to get something for my family which makes them smile.

For the boys I bought them some books and DVD's of their favourite stand up artists. Plus a few other bits just to open like a t shirt and a few pairs of socks. Fahed got a nice sweatshirt. The rest of the family got Body Shop Baskets. We have a £10 per person family limit, which doesn't seem to include the boys,but I just about stayed within the limit by using Groupon vouchers.

I received a beautiful red hurricane lamp from Jamal & some de-stressing bubble bath plus a reading light which clips to my book from Ahdel & Bonnie. Lucky mummy.

From my parents I got a slanket. I am wearing it now, as I type, and it's excellent. Toasty warm. Just need to dog out my bed socks now to keep my little toes warm too.

My sister bought me a china coffee cup with a rubber lid, which is in the style of a disposable cup. Pretty cute. I will take that to work.

My lovely niece bought me a creamy 'shabby chic' hanging candle stick thing. It sort of matches a couple of pieces that my brother and sister in law gave me last Christmas. I took them out to Crete, so this one can makes its way out there too.

Aren't I a lucky bunny?


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  2. Very thoughtful gifts. I asked for gift cards this year. Hopefully I will get that house and I can use them on decorating.


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