Sunday, 25 December 2011

Sooo quiet

The kids of the family are now 19 and 21. We didn't get woken at 5am to see if Father Christmas, known as Baba Mismis around here back in the early days, had been around. I do miss it, I miss everyone's pleasure when there are kids around at Christmas.

Instead the house is very quiet. I am drinking my coffee in the sitting room, just the fairy lights are on. Jamie Oliver is here too, with Bells On. For some reason he seems to covered his garden with spray snow for the filming, which looks incongruous when we know its the warmest Christmas for twenty years. His enthusiasm makes up for it though and its fun to watch.

We are gathering for the first batch of presents at 10. Get some time together before we head of to Mum & Dads by around 12. The guys are sent to the pub whist me, mum and Sue cook the veg and have a glass of sherry.

After lunch, there's a longish break before pudding, when Ahdel can go get his girlfriend, after pudding we do presents. Then we have games as everyone struggles to stay awake. No teatime for us, we just cant take it. A light supper in the evening is the second favourite meal of the year. No competitiveness in our family, Mums the best!

I would have liked a bit of snow and I miss the kids being actual kids but all in all its oretty perfect.

I feel blessed.

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  1. It definitely doesn't feel like Christmas without the little ones. And since my dogs don't get in to the holiday spirit, it didn't feel like Christmas at all around here. Oh well, on with the New Year!


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