Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Looking forward

We have had three very sociable family days now, quiet time only available very early in the morning. It was great. Same as every year. We are pretty easy going and pretty sure that is the magic ingredient. We have never had a row, not even a mild disagreement as far as I can recall. My family are so cool!

Today is entirely different, not because we have suddenly decided to have a row but because we are all in our own homes, and in our house even the kids have gone out. It is just me and the old chap.

Today we went to visit friends that we didn't see over Christmas. Now we are chilling in front of the TV watching old Star Trek's. Lovely. Dinner is leftovers. In fact dinner will be leftovers until all of the food is gone. Fahed is in a good mood. I am lulling him into a false sense of security with old school TV & yummy leftovers. I want to talk about plans for 2012 and he would prefer to not to plan anything, ever. We should find a bit of common ground but if not then we can go with Plan B,whereby I just get to make all the plans but that works for me too!

I need some financial goals, some concrete plans and a few changes of habits. I have a few ideas already but nothing definite.

Almost ready for 2012 then.


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