Thursday, 22 December 2011

Survival mode it is then

Survival mode has been discussed and approved. Or at least it has between eldest son, his girlfriend and I. YOungest son is already a poverty stricken student so cant spend much less than the nothing he already spends. Fahed never gets given money anyway except his pocket money so he doesnt waste.

Before new year we are going to consider a target for our end of year financial position. One that is quite hard but attainable. Then we will turn it into a bit of a contest.

IN a new turn of events the landline to the phone is down at home, which means no internet! Eek, how will I live. They would normally fix it in 72 hours but they aren;t sure because Christmas is in the way. This could be the longest I have ever been seprated form my blogs and all my old favourites.

So Happy Christmas just in case I dont connect up for a while. Sob!


  1. Oh that's awful 72 hours AND a holiday? I am sad for you. :( Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Aha, my son just phoned to say that they have re-connecte dus. What a releif. I feel a bit of an old saddo that I missed the internet so much.


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