Survival Mode

Got this idea from Judy at We may be poor but we are happy.. I completely admire the way that Judy runs her family, and she really does run them. Its a loving but fairly harsh democracy and I am pretty sure that firm rules lovingly applied is what most kids love & want even if they don't know it. However, I digress, what I was actually going to copy from Judy was the idea of a theme for the year. They are making a concerted effort to get themselves in a good place by the end of the yer. I owuls like to do the same.

I have already singed up for My Half Dozen Daily's No spend January but I might try to push some of the ideas right through the year.

I would like to clear any non mortgage debt and take a few years more of the mortgage repayment time. Finish the renovation to this house & work on the exterior of the Crete House so that it is rent-able.

Time to review the budget and see what we can prune.