Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bed time

Last night in my bed alone. Fahed was afraid to go back to visit his family for almost 15 years because of the political situation, so he has only been going there since around 2000. He loves to see his family and to meet up with old friends but he can't settle with the culture and politics after 22 years here (plus years in Greece and Cyprus)he is as English as can me. More so than me & inclined to get homesick if away from here too long. The first few times he went he took 6 weeks or three months for his journey. This is the main reason that his being away for three weeks doesn't bother me too much. I noticed he doesn't come home from these long trips very happy, in fact I think he dips down into depression. Its all too much for him. I told him he can go one more time alone and then we go for shorter times and together. So this is not my last night home alone but it is for a while at least.

Tomorrow I will have a quiet day with a little tidying, Bonnie & Ahdel are also making cleaning and tidying plans which will also be nice. I will pop over to visit my friend for coffee and cake, lunch with my parents, a bit of driving practice. The time to go to the airport will soon be upon us. Pretty sure Fahed will be happy sleeping in his own bed. We love our bed. It's not big (and antisocial sized)and has a lovely tempur topped sprung mattress. Perfect. I suspect I will find it a tight fit to allow him back in but I can't argue that I sleep better when I can hear him sleeping beside me.


  1. Glad to hear he is coming home soon. I hope it doesn't take him long for his mood to brighten up again.


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