How do you not wish your life away?

Having a little bloggy catch up this morning I came across this from Heart Shaped. I don't feel this way about January, I love it. I don't wish my life away but what I do is to really look forward to something so much that I dont appreciate the time in between. So if, for example, I have a weekend in France planned for April then I don't properly appreciate the time in between. I focus too much on the things I am looking forward to, especially when it is travel related. Following my own happiness guide I am failing to grasp the 'live in the moment' element as fully as I should be. This shortfall is what brought me to trying to simplify my life, and write my blog, in the first place. I had so much to do that instead of settling into enjoying the gardening, cooking or whatever, I did it as fast as I could, and badly, and just worried about whatever else I should have been doing. I have come a long way since then. I understand that by planning I can concentrate and far more thoroughly enjoy what I am doing at any moment. My List, something I always considered to be the enemy, turned into my friend and I was free of the worry that I had not done something that I should have. I actively ditched a load of activities which I didn't realise were optional until I really starting living deliberately:- shopping for pleasure (the biggest time and money suck ever),ironing, TV ( I watch the programs that I want, about three or four each week, to but don't have the TV on automatically). Another piece of happiness advice was 'Stay Busy'. Well I sure have that sussed. I don't have too many idle moment but maybe I need to take it a stage further and deliberately pleasurable activities in my plan. Maybe some night classes at college, some volunteering, I have been looking at the Open Uni courses too. I need to open my mind as the possibilities are endless. Any advice ?? Since Fahed has been away I have been neglecting my healthy eating pan (and associated blog). This morning I woke up at four with a cracking headache which didn't go until nine. Yesterday I had toast for breakfast and three slices of pizza when I had lunch out with a work mate (£5 for a standard pizza and unlimited salad at Pizza Hut, yummy bargain). I had a pizza headache. I know it will happen but I convince myself that it wont. So silly. Carbs are evil, to those with allergies, and must go!


  1. Hi Lizzie!

    Does your local library have dance lesson dvds or other lesson type resources like those "How to sketch an old house" books?

    Over the years, I've gotten latin dance workout videos, ballroom dance lesson videos etc. The variety helped me stay active and learning.

  2. Hi MW
    Brilliant idea. If I cant find what I want at college then I will search other areas including development at home.

  3. Oh, wishing my life away, I am so guilty of that. I still would like to take pottery at college. I've always wanted to try that.


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