Challenges, challenges

Ho hum, this month Fahed gets very little salary because the pools shut for 2 or 3 weeks over Christmas. No pool, no swimming lessons, no money. We super economize in January and its all good in February. This month Fahed was just a few days back at work before he jetted off to his brother in laws funeral, the hanging on out there as his sister was taken ill. No money for February either, plus our meager emergency fund used up in the flight and other costs. Lots and lots of carb based meals for a while now. A very good time to start the double challenge. I have another bag and box on the go for de-cluttering. I am getting more and more harsh. Also keeping my hand tightly clasped on my wallets. No-one is getting anything from me this month! I know what I have to do. I can't avoid it any longer. I have to meal plan again. It goes against every fibre of my being but I can't argue that it saves us money. I have asked my son to fix the broken leg of my drying rack so that I can leave my laundry to dry in the conservatory. It can be done!