Weekend Tomorrow & getting my Honey back

Very busy at work at the moment but enjoyable work which mean that weeks are passing at a flash. It always seems to be Friday night. Its good that I enjoy my job and good the time doesn't drag but I would like it to slow down a bit as I am also getting old pretty darn quick. So I had a quietly enjoyable Friday night at home with my oldest son and his girlfriend. We watched old box sets of Bones, had some laughs. It was a simple evening but enjoyable. I can still hear them down there now, with Ahdel laughing so much that it makes me laugh too. So I decided this weekend will be active. I joined with with procrastination Thursday last week but I would like to have to try a little harder to find something I am avoiding doing next week. As i came in from work I finished off the painting needed at the bottom of the stairs so that I can rehang all the coats and reclaim one of the sofas. I am going slow because last time I tried to do it all a lot closer together I ended up with ceiling paint on the walls, wall paint on the woodwork and so on. I also touched up the paintwork around the windows in our bedroom. I hung two small oil painting in our room too. I want it to look nice Fahed when he comes home on Sunday. I will mop the floors and sweep, wipe and clean. Finish a cushion for my mum, do a little laundry and find some way to dry it, cook a frugal dinner,go visit a friend for coffee and visit my family in the evening. I might even give the fridge a bit of a sort out and tidy. The contents are mostly veg so things get made into soup instead of thrown away but it still needs a bit of a tidy sometimes.