Thursday, 5 January 2012

De-clutter Challenge

I have de-cluttered the sitting room. I really have. All that is left is three sofas for the five us that live here and streams of visitors. A few little side tables, a cupboard for the stereo and another for the drinks & glasses, a very large birdcage, and then DVD shelves in the alcoves.

Post de-clutter I still have all this left. And I love it so not much point in getting rid of it. I suppose that once upon a time there was so much more in here that I couldn't see the bits that I love.

However there is still more to go so I am joining the 366 de-clutter challenge to maintain a bit of focus.

It has to go and I am more likely to stick to it if someone, anyone, might be watching me. Are you in?
These are the rules:
The rules are simple:
1.) Declutter 366 (or more) items from your home.
2.) Items may be donated, sold, or given away to count towards the 366 item total.
3.) Trash does not count towards the 366 item total... but you are encouraged to get rid of it, too! (I may include this in my totals if it is too broke to be useful to anyone)
4.) Items don't count towards the 366 total until they actually leave your house... we all know how easy it is to set aside something to sell or donate, only to forget it about it and have it contribute to clutter in anther room of the house. Our goal is to get rid of clutter, not just move it around. :)

Check out the Single Savers website for more details & more participants.

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