Two more days of being a housewife

So I decided to take an extra four days annual leave this year to make a nice long Christmas break. I confirmed something I already know about myself. Anything I have to do will take me exactly as long as I have to do it in. So if I only have a day to do it then that's fine but if I have two weeks then I will drag it out to last that long. What a bozo but I really don't do it on purpose and don't even notice except life gets a little easier to manage. On the bright side I have had loads of rest and sleep and am bouncing with energy.

I have got a few things done, honest;
* Tax returns are all done and submitted.
* Went through my dads deposits with him and moved his investments about when they were not doing so well. Dad is impressed with the internet as long as I am doing the operating.
* Laundry is pretty much done.
* Plans - we made a load of these and they all still seem sensible so we are sticking with them. We know what we are doing (in theory)with this house, the Crete house & our finances generally. We even went through our pension planning. Result.

There are a few things I could still get done if I get my finger out.

* Sort the top of one of the cupboards in the sitting room where there is still a mess of clutter (Fahed's stuff, every bit of it).
* Paint the ceiling in the hall
* Re-arrange the bedroom. Fahed likes to sleep by the wall but is getting too old (in my opinion) to climb over me for the inevitable trips to the bathroom in the night. I will do this myself as he gets too stressed out but wont be bothered to put it back.
* My new worktop went into the kitchen a day or so before Christmas. I need to arrange the kitchen as I want it to accommodate the new set up but also to accommodate the work which is still to come.
* Find a couple of handles which I can use to open my larder and laundry doors. I currently ferret about with putting my finger in the gap and the top and pulling. Not especially

E=Rather than dwell on all the things I haven't done, I'll introduce you to the fmaily.

This is Jamal do his first go on the new WiiFit.

And this is Ahdel with his mate Ace (Ventura) sitting on his head.


  1. Hello LIzzie
    I love it when you have stacks of spare time because you write such fabulous posts. You have done so much physically and also mentally this break I'm sure you'll be pleased to go back to work for a rest lol
    Like you I've been thinking about removing more stuff from the house - trying to get more money into a savings account and lose a bit more weight. So I'm going to tell the homesick kilos that keep coming back they have to leave 'permanently' this time.
    Looking forward to this year in Lizzies Home world
    Take care

  2. Hi Cathy
    Lovely to hear from you. I would happy to stay at home for longer if they are happy to keep paying me!
    Ah yes, homesick kilos. I am carrying 3 of them around that I thought had gone forever. Starting to shift again but must try harder.

  3. aha! well you need to write the 'next physical step' that you have to take and put them on your lists! its great to declutter, makes you feel lighter! am still feeling the effects of the 'holiday' feeling even though Bub is back at school and I have been working. good luck with it all. nice to see pictures of your boys. you must be very proud of them there handsome chaps!

  4. Ha ha, how did i forget that. I have been making an effort today. honest.


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