Last Housewifey Day - No/Low Spend update & 366 de-clutter challenge

Yesterday I did my weekly shopping for £42 pound instead of the usual £80. I also had a veg box which totaled £28 but which lasts for two weeks. Vast amount of fruit and veg inside. I love having my veg box but my trolley looks very odd at the supermarket with any fruit & veg.

Apart from the main grocery shopping it was a no spend day.

I gave my mum a lidded casserole dish and a terracotta salt pig this morning. I have a cardboard box to fill with goodies for the salvation army as well so am hoping my 366 challenge start to take off a bit today. I am aiming to get rid of an item or more each day and be on top of that by the last day of each month. So that for example on 5th February I know that I need to get rid of 5 things in Feb by then. I am a little behind but big catch up today and over the weekend. I have set up a spreadsheet to make sure I stick with it (sad finance type that I am).

Today I am taking my son out for driving practice and taking the opportunity to visit a few DIY stores to look at kitchen cabinet replacement doors.

Whilst we are out then we are investing in a couple of lemons for my hummus making plans this om. Also a bag of flour. I have a lot of unloved fruit in the fridge, mainly those darn kiwi fruit that always come in the box and we all find dull and messy. I have found a recipe for Kiwi muffins to try and will also make a fruit crumble. Some how I will get them eaten!

....and later that day. Crumble went down very well as I added in a few blobs of toffee from an old ice cream sauce which I found in the fridge door.

I also joined in a discussion of Net Worth with Retire by 40 where I suspect that due to my investments in Syria & Greece plus the strength of the pound against Euro, I am probably one of the biggest losers.

Looking on the bright side, and to take my mind of the net worth crisis, my hummus was also quite successful. I read a hand full of recipes this time instead of just winging it and discovered that adding back some of the cooking liquid gives it a better consistency than if I just keep adding tahina. Result. Wish I had done my homework a bit earlier.

Now we are having a lovely family day. The kids (who are adults now) are playing Metroid on the Wii & Bonnie and I are surfing the net for affordable properties in the area, and failing to find any. I have the warm glow of having properly fed everyone today, plus done some additional cooking and managed to have got everyone to eat up all the fruit which was close to the edge. I gave away a few kitchen items to mum & Bonnie, and now being snuggled up on the sofa under my slanket. Happy Days