Motivational Speaker - Deirdre Bounds

Today was our the senior manager forum annual conference at my work. Although spending the day in a tent near Basingstoke might not sounds very exciting we had a really good day. All of our manager not just the seniors were invited so I got to introduce some of my team leaders to what we do. We had a couple of workshops and a nice buffet lunch but the highlight was the after lunch presentation by Deidre Bounds. A little bundle of energy with a scouse accent and nice line in teasing. We had some Glasgow v Edinburgh banter going on at some point. Deidre has done all sorts, backpacking & travelling, starting up a really innovative business from nothing and then selling it for big millions, TV presenter, occasional stand up comedian, even author but with no inclination to write again. The exec are hoping to get a deal on as many copies of her book as we need for us to be further inspired. She didn't have long to speak but did have time to get a basic message across to us. Be true to yourself. If you cant buy into the ideas of you organisation then maybe you should be looking elsewhere. But much more than your career, be true to yourself in all things. Be honest, be who you are. Have integrity, not just self integrity, tell the truth, even when it hurts and take the blame. Taking blame is taking control. Learning to take responsibly is the key to freedom. Use your intuition. Intuition plus logic equals success. Stretch yourself. Get out there, yes, right out of your comfort zone. She also said success comes in a niche market which I am pretty sure for me translates to do what you know and what interests you. Excellent and inspired. Cant wait to get my book.


  1. she sounds awesome. great advice! feel inspired just reading about it. your company is pretty cool really isnt it?

  2. Sound advice for everyone! Also, your Banofffee pie looks simply delectable!!


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