23 years ago today

Some of the guys in my office had a five a side match tonight against guys from the CSC. We got well and truly thrashed but our guys averaged about ten years older than there. It was good fun and surprisingly exciting, but damn cold. I may have briefly thought being a twenty year old bloke would be fun but it was brief. Today is my 23rd wedding anniversary. Unfortunately my husband is 3000 mils away but lets be honest, he wouldn't have remembered anyway. I am having a glass of port and a Chinese curry for my personal indulgence. Kids have both gone out with mates so I can even watch what I want on the TV. Not actually so bad at all. Fahed is back on Sunday night. I am going to have a good old spring clean of the house and maybe the cars tomorrow. I think its really good to come home to a nice clean house. Feels very positive. I need keep the best vibe I can this week as I am hoping Fahed is changing medication and that always needs some support and not just a bit of luck. I have spoken before about Fahed's depression and one of the bits of this is his insomnia. He takes some really strong insomnia meds but they are not good for long term use so his GP has said that he needs to think about whether he can cope without them. Whilst he was in Jordan I asked him not to take this particular mediation & he has done his best. When he gets back I am hoping that we can keep him off it. We need all the positive vibes that we can get. No spend/low spend. Not shopping this weekend. My Chinese curry is the treat for my anniversary. 366 De-clutter - No action this week tomorrow & Sunday I will add to my list. Procrastination Thursday - I tried but I have to be honest and say that I didn't even open the basket of half finished craft stuff. So Lizzie 0 - Procrastination 1. Since sleeping better I have been waking up, refreshed even, at 6ish instead of dragging myself out of bed kicking and screaming at seven. unexpectedly good news.


  1. Happy anniversary! This year will be our 33rd, but up until our 14th we were always apart for our anniversaries so I know what that's like (DH was in the navy and always deployed). Your glass of wine and curry sound like a lovely indulgence.

    Hope everything works out with the medications. Wishing you a joyful reunion!

  2. Thank you. After I had gone to bed one of the kids came home with a group of mates as they thought I might like company. My early night with a book went South but it was really nice.


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