Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I normally suffer from the usual middle aged complaint of not being able to sleep. I have tried a glass of wine or scotch before bed, I spray my pillow with some pro-sleep thing, warm baths to make me sleepy, no eating after 7pm, even tried Fahed sleeping medication. That made me seep but not in a pleasant way, more like being knocked out & then waking up but not at all refreshed. This week I have slept. A couple of things which are only done annually went horribly wrong last year at work. This year they seem to be going right. Maybe this makes a difference? or it because I have re-arranged the bedroom? Now we can see the window & the furniture is less imposing & crowded than before. The room is definitely a lot emptier. Of course Fahed is also away this week. I really hope I am not sleeping well because he isn't here. That would be seriously bad news. Whatever it is I see a theme of space and designed emptiness, in my head or physical space, and it feels good. I just hope it continues.

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