It's really gone!

Today I can officially count my de-cluttered objects for the 366 challenge. Jamal & I detoured to the Salvation Army drop point on our way JuJitsu lessons tonight. A huge box and two huge bags. There was some really cool stuff in there so I hope they benefit from it. I have a pretty big basket of goodies for ebay next. I haven't included them in my total but there are at least 20 items. I am started to consider two years of de-cluttering in a year challenge. Would it be the 731 in 366 challenge? There is possibility we could end the year naked and homeless if not very careful. Tonight I made a quick and easy supper. Meatballs (Ikea frozen) with pasta. It was about 15 minutes of cooking & was well received. I really need to think of more of these quick and easy meals. Some times I can stand there chopping veg for an eternity before we eat. I need balance, I try to be a housewife and stay at home mum even I don't stay home and the kids are grown up anyways. I could remember that I work all day, without even lunch break today as we had meetings all day, and maybe cut myself a little slack when I get home. Time to read a few pages of my book and then it is bed time for baby bears (was that a kids programme when I was little?)