So no spend/low spend then

Day one didnt go as well as it could have. Ahdel suggested we all go to the cinema, which we only do when we are all off work so maybe once or twice a year, and we all said yes. Didnt even think about the whole no spend/low spend thing. Sherlock Holmes game of Shadows was excellent though. I so wanted to attend Dr Watson s stag night and the gypsy party. Brilliant. I am sure I will recover from seeing Stephen Fry naked eventually (most hilarious scene in the whole movie).

I also bought Fahed a lovely shirt in Asda, when I was queuing for yogurt and houmous. The yogurt & houmous purchase does mean that I don't need to go shopping this week though and I can just use up my stores. Today I am making braising steak and veg in the slow cooker. We have a veg box arriving on Friday so I need to make the veg and fruit supplies last until then.

There was method in my shirt madness. We are eating more healthily and trying to loose a few pounds so a proper shirt instead of sports gear might encourage more awareness of body shape. Maybe.

Not leaving the house today and see if we can go for a no spend day.