Day two of no spend/low spend. I spent £139. However I did account for it last year (does that absolve me??). Fahed & I bought ourselves WiiFit, with a plan to add Wii Sports, as our Christmas present to each other. We bought it after Christmas to get the best deal. It was £139 including the balance board which is pretty good according to my endless homework & spreadsheets. We didn't buy each other anything else though,honest.

I bought a handful of new clothes in the sales prior to new year. I need a few items which are suitable for 'non work but a bit smart'. I have plenty of work stuff but its more formal than my tastes actually run too, however I wear it anyway until it wears out. I have quite a bit of stuff which is proper rough for painting, gardening and the like. I am sadly lacking in anything for leaving the house other than for work. At least I have my slanket for sofa sloth in the evenings. I love it.

Diet is going better than spending, thank goodness. Also we have plenty of food to last for a couple of week. Veg box is arriving on Friday. And I have already made tomorrows dinner of braised steak and vegetables in gravy. I discovered (for about the 20th time) that I cant use a slow cooker so dinner will be finished in the wok tomorrow.

Fahed & Jamal are taking the cooker hood apart tomorrow to fix it. We are keeping on trap with our new year plans there.