Sunday 8 January 2012

Sometime to really curb my spending

I had a text form my older son from work yesterday. Could I order a wireless card for his brother and he would pay me back. Ahdel believes Jamal would be an excellent computer programmer and as Ahdel is doing program design they might make a good team. Like a nice Mummy I ordered one safe in the knowledge that it was costing me nothing. Then things started to go all wrong. The house phone rang, 'automated call from...' I didn't hear who as my husband hang up thinking it was a sales call. Text came through on my mobile say missed called & check voicemail but before I had chance a text saying called Santander urgently for a security issue. Got through on the phone and they wanted to know what I had spent this week. I didnt recognize a couple of payments but it turned out the the veggie box people and the council tax are collected in third party names. So far all good. Then a £1 for Apple. I didnt think I had spent this but maybe pressed a wrong button. How about Groupon? No, nice since my meat package in November. So not four payments then? And one to KGB, and how about this one? and this one? The guy said they were making payments so far on my card that they were queuing up to get on his screen.

So anyway, no my card is cancelled and re-order. My account is frozen whilst they spend ten days on a fraud enquiry and they will then refund the money to my account. As it is a joint account we don't have another to use & savings have post Christmas depletion. We don't do credit cards.

I suddenly found a lot of focus for my no spend/low spend challenge. I have £40 in cash and £30 voucher for mark & sparks (gift from the parents at Fahed voluntary job - bless them. And he always gives it to me so bless him too!). I am not touching the (empty frozen wastes of) my bank account until pay day on 24th.

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