Soooo, lets talk about fat!

Last year I did a lot of work on understanding how my body works. I can cope with all sorts but apparently not carbohydrate. At least I can handle a little carbohydrate but not much. It gives me headaches and an endless desire to much, munch, munch.

From January 1st I have made more effort to get back to the eating program which I sorted out for myself last year. Basically unlimited vegetables, a little fruit, some lean meat, plenty of fish, pulses, Greek yogurt, cheese.

All went well for a few months. I lost 13 kilo & felt quite well. Somehow I started introducing bits and bobs into the eating program and in the run up to Christmas I pretty well abandoned my own rules. I did eat some bread but not like the good old days of toast, sandwiches and pizza. Yum. So I avoided the headaches and also the worse of the associated weight gain despite 6 months of eat anything which doesn't move!

So I finally plucked up the courage to weigh myself. It was bad but not as bad as it could have been. I gained back 3kg. So back on track now. A low carb WiiFit life.


  1. good for you! Hub is gearing up to get back on the low carb wagon too. and me, am at the end of the Christmas goodies, so I guess by default will be following suit.


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