Tomorrow the 366 challenge gets serious

I don't have anywhere that I need to be until 7.30pm tomorrow. Fahed is away and kids will be occupied and.or working. I don't really need to go out. So tomorrow the 366 challenge is properly coming to Allbrook.

I have set a spreadsheet to go everything as it goes. The speed has date down the left side so that I appear to dispose of one thing everyday although usually it all happens at the weekend.

Tomorrow I am trying to get to the end of February. I really can do it. I am getting totally ruthless since I realism that so far I don't regret one loss and actually I have a lot of trouble noticing any losses.

Tomorrow I am going to strip the place like a Ninja Locust!


  1. LOL!! You go Ninja locust!! ;)

  2. Pretty good. I have it all bagged and boxed up so that I can fill out my 366 challenge spreadsheet before it all goes. I do know that is kind of weird but ......


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